Scientifically Superior Mud-logging Services

Experienced For All Your Onshore & Offshore Needs.

Experienced For All Your Onshore & Offshore Needs.

Scientifically Superior – Mudlogging Services: it is our professional goal to help you search for and discover more oil; Our experienced team of degreed geologists work in meticulously equipped geologic laboratories, logging both onshore and offshore, serving the California oil industry for 53 years.

We are committed to personalized service, attention to detail, and applied geological sciences, 24 hours per day; We are your go-to-service, Experience that difference. Computerized Technologies: We are live’ and on line, with web based RTD, LAS, pdf, tif, and photo images. Wits communication is standard. Calibrated gas chromatograms are archived-methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane in ppm; “balanced’ total gas is in units. CO2 and H2S are in ppm. Each gas analysis is lagged with computerized Depth and ROP. Rock and oil photo images are transmitted to a ‘dropbox’ for live viewing; See your data 24 hours/day.

Oil Show Evaluation: Zoom microscope: long wave ultra violet: cuttings gas; consistent sample analysis and pops-stain-cut methodology is standard, Our search for oil is a family business, employíng 13 geologists and 5 support personnel, 18 families serving you, a living work in progress always evolving, changing and improving. We own and work in our 14,000 sq ft officelab facility; have deep roots in the rocks of California; and practice what we do best; provide a trusted service and value. It is very exciting to see the shows and help find more oil.

Attention to detail is our motto; Professional personalized service is our practice; a passion for geology sustains our search – our mission. Thank you for caling Petrolog to serve your company.


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